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Weird Al's new surge of parody music videos.

Weird al's new set of music videos are awesome and the way they are being released is a brilliant idea to build traffic on good websites as well as build a ton of buzz over his album, Mandatory Fun.

I've been a long time fan of weird al (who hasn't been) and each of these videos are hilarious, well made, and unique and released in a very interesting ways. Each of these 8 videos over 8 days has been released on a different web site and began with the most star studded of the videos thus far, Tacky, Released under the Nerdist website. The video included a lot of famous actors ranging from Margaret Cho, to Jack Black. The videos from there were released on Funny or Die, College Humor, Vevo, YouTube, Yahoo and more. This spreads the traffic to many sites, some which some people may not go to previously and some that may not necessarily need the views. I'm very interested in they way he is spreading the videos around and each one has become a viral hit in its own right. He's been popular and still finding ways to do the same thing and be incredibly good and successful at it without becoming stale. I look forward to the new videos he has coming out in the future since these eight days are not yet done. Hopefully he has something saved up for the end that will be really awesome.

~Timothy Brandl.

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