Thoughts on The Grey Album

Danger Mouse, Grey Album

Danger Mouse Is a well known producer and musician and makes fantastic pieces of art. His album has always been an interest of mine in regards to copyright due to the nature of the album and how it was released. The long story short, he made the mash up of a capela jay z and tracks from the white album. The jay z tracks were released with the intent to be used for remixes and for the purpose that he had used it. The Beatles tracks were not, however, and the owner of the copyright, EMI, was not happy about its existence and wanted to stop the spread of the album. The thing that struck me as interesting was the unstoppable power of something to spread perpetually throughout the internet. Once the album was released to just a handful of sites it spread out and was eventually available everywhere. The fight of EMI lead to the backlash where the internet took to downloading it and more copies of other things. This is something I have seen take form in other places, namely Beyoncé wanting her picture removed from the internet, it's impossible. Once something is out it can never be re contained and that is the beauty and horror of the internet. I really like this because it was a well received piece of art that was Able to get into the hands of fans and listeners easily. It had the backing of the creators, but not the label, and they were all in it for the creation of the art, not to stuff pockets, but to keep an art alive and create a new piece from parts that already existed that May span across genres that may not cross.

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