Twitch to change how music is handled in VODs

This week I got an e-mail about Twitch and it’s new changes in the way it handles VODs. VODs are videos that are saved after they are broadcasted. These VODs can be viewed at any time by someone looking to re-watch the live broadcast of a twitch channel later in the day. Coming on the heels of VODs no longer being available indefinitely and google purchasing twitch there are new changes to how they are handled. A new policy on these VODs states that any unauthorised music or content in the VODs will be removed from the website. This is a significant change since a lot of content creators and streamers on twitch will use background music as they play games or as they do whatever it may be that they broadcast on twitch. This is significant because it will make a lot of VODs obsolete or removed completely since having music playing while streaming has become a norm. among streamers, at least most of the streamers I have watched. This may lead to streamers not using audio in their broadcasts and more, or only using it when it is live as the software switch is using is only designed to catch on VODs and not on the live stream. This is significant and new and it will be interesting to see how it plays out. In my opinion this will likely play out negatively for twitch as other streaming services exist that will likely not scan and will accommodate streamers that don’t want to lose their music, which will likely make broadcasts more dull. That being said… it does make sense, they are broadcasting the music they do not own the rights to on their channels. This will be interesting to watch for sure.

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