Fan-fics and copyright law

This week I got thinking about fan fic’s and their problems they may come across in regards to copyright. Fan fictions are popular among die hard fans of shows who will take the story of the show and make their own derivative work based upon the original. These fans don’t get the permission of the creator and often these pieces should violate the copyright law, or at least walk a fine line between the law and fair use. This article talks about fair use and how it doesn’t protect against infringement and is just a defence once it is brought to court. I agree completely with the statement that it causes creators to become less creative through being over cautious that their content will get taken down. I think a lot of the works are not an effect on the original work and are just fun derivative works created by people that need a creative outlet because of their emotional investment in a show, and I think it reflects poorly on the content creator to take down these sites. However, if the fan-fics are creating revenue pulling from the original, at that point the line is crossed into where legal action is applicable and at that point I change my view on the fan fictions.

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